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12ft foot JumpPod Deluxe

Replacement Parts for the JumpKing 12ft JumpPod Deluxe Trampoline ...

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The twelve foot JumpPod Deluxe is an upper mid-range trampoline, selling very well in the UK since the first version was introduced in 2006 (there are also 14ft & 10ft versions). Although the 12ft JumpPod Deluxe is designed to be left outside for many years, there will come a time when your trampoline may require some attention. At this point, you may simply wish to buy a new one, however many trampoline owners have found they can extend the useful life of their trampoline by replacing only those parts that need attention. This often makes good economic sense. We therefore stock all the major spare parts for the JumpKing JumpPod range of trampolines. If you would like to talk to us first, before ordering your replacement parts, please call us on UK Freephone 0800 01 88844.

Enclosure Spares   replacement netting, poles, foams etc for the safety enclosure
Be careful when seleting your replacement netting, as there are two styles, depending on when you purchased your trampoline. To see the full range of enclosure spares, please click on the relevant version below:
Original Style (years 2006-2008)
Vertical poles are connected to net by elastic bungees.

Enclosure Spares for
12ft JumpPod Deluxe (2006-2008 models)

New Style (years 2009-2015)
Vertical poles curve in and attach directly to net.

Enclosure Spares for
12ft JumpPod Deluxe (2009-2015 Models)

Replacement Pads   circular cushion over the springs
The JumpPod Deluxe pads are very good quality trampoline pads, however may need replacing after many years of use. Replacing worn pads not only improves safety, but also improves the overall look of the trampoline.
BLUE Padding for 12ft Jump Pod Deluxe
£ 124.00
more info
In Stock (21/07/2019)
GREEN Padding for 12ft Jump Pod Deluxe New!
£ 124.00
more info
In Stock (21/07/2019)
Springs   put the bounce back into your 12ft JumpPod Deluxe
The 12ft JumpKing JumpPod Deluxe springs are 8.5" long (21.5cm). Springs stretch over time, reducing the bounce of your trampoline, so replacing these can improve performance.
Buy springs individually:

£ 3.50
more info
In Stock (21/07/2019)
Buy a complete set of 80 springs:

£ 149.00
more info
In Stock (21/07/2019)
Replacement Bed   black jumping surface
One of the most common causes of damage to outdoor trampoline beds is caused by having a bonfire right next to the trampoline - burning embers that fall back to the ground can cause burn-holes in the bed. When the fibers in a trampoline bed become compromised, you do need to intervene to try to stop a hole turning into a tear, since tears can propogate quickly, making the trampoline possibly a danger to your children.

£ 109.00
more info
In Stock (21/07/2019)

Usually sent to UK mainland addresses on a next-day courrier service. Delivery overseas can take a few days longer. We generally dispatch sameday if you order before 12 noon. When you input your address details, you can also add special delivery instructions. In any case, we generally email you your tracking details, so you will know when delivery will be attempted.

JumpKing is, quite simply, the largest trampoline manufacturer in the world and have been manufacturing trampolines for over 20 years, gaining unrivalled experience in the trampoline market. These adult and childrens trampolines come in a variety of sizes and styles to suit every garden and budget. With millions sold worldwide, every Jumpking trampoline is manufactured to US (ASTM) and EU (TUV) standards. JumpKing has been around far longer than most trampoline manufacturers and has grown to become the world leader. The advantages of buying a JumpKing trampoline are many - the manufacturer designs its trampolines based on experience built up over many years. In addition, you will always be able to buy spare parts for your trampoline, even years later. We are still supplying spare parts to customers in the UK who bought their trampolines over ten years ago! You will see the JumpKing branded trampolines almost everywhere these days. Whereas the high street and Supermarkets generally focuses on the budget end of the product range, we focus more on the mid to upper ranges, which are designed to keep your children bouncing even after 10 years or more.

  • I just wanted to say thank you very much for helping out with our trampoline net "comedy of errors" ... we have finally managed to get the trampoline back into working order. Everything fits the way it should and and we have 3 very happy bouncing boys now - thank you very much!! - Tracey S, Kent
    Replacement Netting for 12ft JumpPod Deluxe (years 2009-2015)
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